Product Description

Dry Down is based on Vicchem’s long history of drying technology (some 80 years) and has been formulated to be applied to a windrow of freshly cut green hay (via the Hay spray Applicator) speeding up the drying out time so that hay can be baled sooner, limiting the time that cut hay is at risk of rainfall and subsequent weather damage before baling

Dry Down is designed for faster hay curing. It is a specially formulated additive that should ONLY be applied to hay windrows using the Hayspray 300 Applicator Unit. It can enhance the speed of the daily drying rate and allow earlier baling. Dry Down promotes quicker drying/curing by modifying the leaf and stem surface waxes which in turn allows moisture to permeate more effectively and rapidly from the hay

Changing weather can negatively impact hay production

  • Dry Down has been introduced to assist in reducing the time between cutting and baling, potentially offering significant benefits for Australian Hay producers
  • Weather damaged to hay brings about reductions in hay protein, feed value and financial return
  • Weather damage also brings about subsequent increases in harmful microbial action resulting in mouldy hay of poor value and with subsequent feeding risks to livestock
  • Weather damaged hay may also have increased risks of combustion whilst in hay stacks or stored in hay sheds

    Product Usage

    Typical use recommendations

  • Apply 1-2L/T of Dry Down per tonne of hay yield, directly into the windrow via the Hayspray 300 Applicator immediately post cutting or within 24 hours of cutting. Use higher rates the more cellular and mature the hay crop
  • Water rates per tonne of hay should be a minimum of 100L/T for the 1st Tonne of yield and 65 litres per tonne of yield thereafter ie. for a crop expected to yield 2.5T/Ha you would apply 200L/Ha
  • Higher water rates should be considered in excessively hot conditions
  • Avoid the use of hard water and water with high colloidal clay or algae content


  • DRY DOWN SHOULD ONLY BE APPLIED DIRECTLY INTO THE CUT HAY WINDROW VIA THE Hayspray 300 Applicator, cold frosty conditions should be avoided
  • Dry Down should not be mixed with or applied with any “actives” (ie Glyphosate)
  • Operate the airblast of the Hayspray 300 Applicator at levels to ensure that good product coverage is achieved up to the point where windrows are disturbed during the application process
  • Dry Down is compatible with Bale Shield when in water solution
  • If a rain event of greater than 12-15mm occurs a re-application is required. Consideration should be given to the addition of Bale Shield in these instances, for mould control

    Key Points

  • Help reduce curing/drying times of cereal and legume hay crops
  • Can decrease curing time reducing weather damage potential
  • May lower harmful microbial build up and subsequent hay damage
  • Faster drying results in retaining greater leaf matter and subsequently increased feed values
  • Offer faster curing of windrowed oil grain crops such as Canola
  • Dry Down may reduce or negate the requirement for alternative mechanical treatments designed to decrease curing time