Product Description

Bale Shield Hay Preservative is a buffered non-corrosive hay preservative formulation (pH neutral) designed to enable baling of hay crops at higher moisture levels. It can be applied at point of baling (via baler applicators) OR directly into the windrow helping to minimise the infield mould population of freshly cut hay and any build up that may occur with poor climatic conditions. Mould which can seriously affect hay quality and even lead to spontaneous combustion

  • Moulds greatly impact the value of any hay once allowed to occur
  • The heat created by moulds can create spontaneous combustion in stored or stacked hay
  • Mouldy dusty hay when fed to livestock can be detrimental to animal health and can cause respiratory issues
  • The main ingredients in Bale Shield are also produced in the rumens of ruminating animals (cattle and sheep) and the caecum of equines
  • The key ingredients of Bale shield are also used as preservatives in some human consumption foods to assist in mould prevention and to increase shelf life. Weather damaged hay may also have increased risks whilst in hay stacks or stored in hay sheds

    Bale Shield Hay Preservative at point of Baling

  • Enables baling at higher moisture levels whilst minimising heating or mould impacts when used as recommended
  • Baling at higher moisture levels may result in higher feed value hay
  • Easy to use and apply and doesn’t block application equipment

    Bale Shield Hay Preservative In Windrow Application

  • Recent trials prove that an application of Bale Shield into the windrow immediately post cutting (applied via the Hayspray Applicator unit) may bring about immediate reduction of in field mould populations and provide extended mould control during the curing process thereby minimising mould population growth and enhancing the hay quality in doing so

    Product Usage

    Typical use recommendations NOTING different rates for various baler types

  • BIG SQUARE BALERS - for Dew Moisture between 12-16% apply 1.5L/MT, 16-22% apply 2 L/MT, over 22% Do Not Bale. - For Stem Moisture between 12-16% apply 3 L/MT, 16-22% apply 3.5 L/MT, over 22% DNB
  • ROUND & SMALL SQUARE BALERS - For Dew Moisture between 12-16% apply 1.25 L/MT, 16-22% apply 1.75 L/MT, 22-26% apply 3 L/MT, over 26% DNB - For Stem Moisture between 12-16% apply 1.75 L/MT, 16-22% apply 3 L/MT, 22-26% apply 4.25 L/MT, over 26% DNB
  • Ensure that the Preservative application equipment on the baler being used is capable of adjusting the rates of preservative applied as and when the moisture level of the crop varies ie. variable rate control. Correct rate application rates and coverage are essential to achieving the desired outcome


    Typical use recommendations
  • APPLICATION RATES WHEN APPLYING VIA THE HAYSPRAY APPLICATOR are: apply 1L/T of estimated dried hay/Ha with 100L/T for the 1st T/Ha and a minimum of 60L/T thereafter.
  • Operate the airblast of the Hayspray Applicator unit at levels to ensure that good product coverage is achieved up to the point where windrows are disturbed during the application process