Product Description

Leaf Retain is a specialty product containing wetting agents and humectants designed to attach to surface moisture. Leaf Retain should be applied just prior to baling of legume hay to minimise leaf shatter and extend baling time especially in adverse weather conditions. Application of the product should ONLY be undertaken using the Hayspray Applicator. (see Product information on Hayspray Applicator)

Even perfect baling conditions can cause a 4% reduction of yield and protein via leaf loss at point of baling in legume hay

  • Protein levels of legume hay can be adversely impacted as the leaf represents 75% of the protein
  • Leaf shatter occurs during all parts of the baling process but can be excessive if hay is over cured or conditions are too hot for fine leaves to remain intact with the stalks
  • Leaf Retain when applied in certain conditions (35-60% RH) will temporarily raise the moisture levels of windrowed legume hay by 1-2%
  • Raising moisture levels in other hay crops has not been extensively trialled hence product rates and water rates may require adjustment.

    Product Usage

    Typical use recommendations

  • Application rates of 1 L/T of dried hay/ha should be used
  • In 100L/Ha of clean water for the 1st T/ha and a minimum of 50 L/ha for every T/ha thereafter - (eg. for a crop expected to yield 3T/Ha you would apply a minimum of 200 L/Ha)
  • Leaf Retain requires a minimum time applied of 10 minutes to achieve penetration and soften the leaf, at RH levels of 60% you may be able to successfully apply as far as 2 hours ahead of baling


    Typical use recommendations
  • Leaf Retain should only be applied to the windrow via the Hayspray Applicator (see Product Information for the Hayspray Applicator)
  • All product testing and trials have been carried out with this form of application method
  • Operate the airblast of the Hayspray 300 unit at levels to ensure that good product coverage is achieved up to the point where windrows are disturbed during the application process
  • Leaf Retain can be applied during hours of darkness however the action of the product requires sunlight
  • Leaf Retain is compatible with Bale Shield preservative and could be applied in the same pass

    Key Points

  • Provides extended baling hours by raising humidity levels in windrow
  • Increases leaf retention in legume hay when conditions are adverse to, or would normally prevent baling
  • May provide for successful baling of windrowed crop residues when conditions would normally prevent baling
  • Successful baling of over cured windrowed pasture and cereal hay
  • May assist in the pod shatter of windrowed small grain crops (ie. Canola) when applied immediately prior to harvesting