AGGREBOND SS - Bitumen Adhesion Agent

Product Description

Aggrebond SS is soluble 40% active fatty acid amine adhesive / anti-stripping agent designed for use as an additive to bitumen to improve binder / aggregate adhesion in spray seal surface dressings.

Aggrebond SS can reduce stripping by overcoming the poor bond between the binder and aggregate that can occur due to the presence of moisture or dust at the interface of the two surfaces.

The product can also reduce stripping caused by the weak chemical attraction that can occur between the binder and the aggregate due to incompatible polarities.

Aggrebond SS has been specifically designed with dipolar molecules allowing one end to combine with the bitumen while the other end forms an electrochemical bond with the aggregate. During this process, moisture is displaced and once the Aggrebond SS has adhered to the aggregate the asphalt resists stripping by water.

Aggrebond SS conforms to RMS QA Specification 3259

Product Usage

Aggrebond SS should be generally applied at a rate of 0.5% by mass to the binder.

Application rates may be increased to 1% for difficult aggregates known to have high stripping tendencies or when using Polymer Modified Bitumen.

Dosage rates are based on original compliance testing results. Individual lab testing is recommended for optimization of levels on actual local aggregate.

In-tank mixing of the product can be achieved by simple pump circulation.

Note: Industry standards and specifications for application take precedence and should always be adhered to where applicable

Key Points

• Aggrebond SS conforms to RMS QA Specification 3259

• High performance & Cost effective

• Good heat stability in hot bitumen

• Can offer a lower binder requirement resulting in lower construction costs.

• Can provide improved adhesion performance in damp conditions.

• The effect of reduced stripping of aggregate over the long term can extend road life and result in lower maintenance costs.

• Classified as Dangerous Goods but only when transported in bulk or by air or sea. (Environmentally Hazardous Substances meeting the descriptions of UN 3082 are not subject to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (See 3.3.3 SP No. AU01) when transported by road or rail in IBCs or packages less than 500L.)

• Low odour and unobtrusive to operators and personnel

Evaluation and Testing

• Appearance Amber liquid*

• Active Content 40%

• Specific Gravity (20°C) 0.88

• Odour Amine

• Pour Point <4°C*

• Flash Point >61°C

* The product may become hazy and form some sediment when stored at low temperature during colder months. It remains chemically unchanged and can continue to be used normally.

Storage and Safety

Aggrebond SS may be stored up to 12 months when kept between 4°C and 35°C.

Avoid freezing and prolonged exposure to heat.

Refer to MSDS at