GRAVITATE 707 Spray Adjuvant

Product Description

Gravitate 707 is an acidifying and penetrating adjuvant for use with agrichemical products.

Gravitate 707 Spray Adjuvant is a second generation acidifying and penetrating surfactant, specifically designed and manufactured for Australian conditions. Gravitate 707 includes the proven power of Hasten for superior weed leaf penetration and reduced driftable fines, resulting in more spray droplets hitting and penetrating into target weeds† . Gravitate 707 offers a low odour for improved handling and a pH indicator, helping growers and spray operators to confirm the ideal pH in a tank mix.

Product Performance

Gravitate 707 has been trialled extensively, demonstrating effective weed control when compared to VC700. The Trials used average glyphosate rates with 0.25 and 0.5% Gravitate 707 in rain and hard water (500ppm).

See product info sheet for trial details

Product Usage


For Glyphosate and Glyphosate mixes, use 250 – 500mL/100L to optimise the spray water pH and assist spreading and penetration and reduce off-target damage.


Half fill the spray tank with water and commence agitation. Add the required quantity of GRAVITATE 707 then add the recommended quantity of herbicide. Maintain agitation until completion of spraying.

When mixing dry granules, add granules to tank first and make sure they have completely dissolved before adding Gravitate 707

Key Points

Wetting, Spreading and Penetrating

Gravitate 707 surfactant helps spray droplets

  • Adhere to leaf surface
  • Spread across leaf surface
  • Penetrate into the target weed

    Droplet Management

    Gravitate 707 when applied with Glyphosate and 2,4-D products significantly reduced the amount of driftable fines (<150um) produced from hydraulic nozzles when compared with the wetting agent Surewet 1000 and was similar or better at reducing driftable fines when compared with the low drift adjuvants VC-700† and Deadsure?

    Note: Spray drift is a result of multiple environmental and application factors, importantly all need to be considered when making spraying decisions.

    The importance of managing pH

    The acidifying nature of Gravitate 707 buffers spray tank water to a pH range of 4-5, ideal for herbicides including Glyphosate.

    To validate this ideal pH range, Gravitate 707 has a pH indicator in its formulation. The pH Indicator will change the tank mix to a pink/red colour at a pH range below 5.