CHEMWET 1000 Wetting Agent

Product Description

CHEMWET 1000 is a 1000g/L (100% active) non-ionic wetting agent which can be used in a wide range of situations where a wetting agent is required.

  • Highly concentrated for economical use.
  • Enhances the uptake and efficacy of agricultural products.
  • Improves droplet adhesion and wetting and spreading of spray droplets.
  • Compatible with a wide range of agricultural products and uses.
  • Cross labelled with a range of Agricultural Products including;
  • Amitrole T*, Archer 750*, Buttress*, Comet 200*, Crusader GoDri*, Diquat*, Diuron 900DF*, Fallowboss*, GF-2361*, GF-2576*, Glyphosate CT*, Grazon Extra*, Grunt*, Hotshot*, Mako*, Nuquat 250*, Panoctine*, Paradigm Arylex*, Paraquat*, Pixxaro Arylex*, Prodigy*, Rexade Arylex*, Stinger*, Terbazine*, Transform*, Venturi*

    Product Usage

    Typical use rate is in the range 40 – 100mL/100L for most foliar applications. Compatible with Crusader & Rexade* and most other agricultural products. Always follow directions on Chemwet 1000 label and on the label of other agricultural products used.