DELUGE TX Surfactant

Product Description

Deluge TX Surfactant

  • Specialty surfactant for use with Glyphosate to control Silvergrass, annual ryegrass and other grasses
  • Excellent wetting and spreading of spray droplets on plant surfaces
  • Increases herbicide activity of Glyphosate when used as directed
  • Manufactured according to a quality management system
  • Available in various pack sizes from 10L to 1000L
  • Deluge TX is a nonionic wetting agent that is specially designed for use with Glyphosate when applied to Silvergrass, Annual Ryegrass and other perennial grasses Deluge TX contains 1040g/L of non-ionic wetting agent .

    Product Performance

    When used as directed Deluge TX will reduce the surface tension of spray water and increase; droplet retention on the target surface at initial impact droplet spreading and wetting (coverage) on the target surface Deluge TX will improve the performance of Glyphosate based herbicide products when applied at the recommended use rate of 200ml/100 L of Spray Volume. Deluge TX is most suited to applications in the Spring and Autumn periods