Product Description

Deluge Low Foam Wetting Agent™ is a non-ionic surfactant for high value crops. Designed for enhanced crop safety.

  • High performance non-ionic surfactant
  • Low foaming - helps reduce foaminess of highly foaming products
  • Registered for use in horticulture, grapevines, tree crops, sugercane and broadacre
  • Excellent wetting and spreading of spray droplet on plant surfaces
  • Increases activity of agricultural products when used as directed
  • Soft on crops, beneficials and the environment
  • Biodegradable – based on renewable materials
  • Suitable for IPM programs
  • Available in easy to lift 10L pack
  • Manufactured according to a quality management system
  • Deluge improves spray results by increasing retention, wetting and uptake of the agrichemicals. It will mix easily with most water qualities used for agricultural spraying. Deluge Low Foam is generally crop-safe when used as directed and therefore well suited to Horticultural applications.

    Product Performance

    Deluge Low Foam will reduce the surface tension of spray water and increase;

      - Droplet retention on the target surface at initial impact
      - Droplet spreading and wetting (coverage) on the target surface
    Deluge Low Foam is a low foaming surfactant. Add last to spray tank where it may help reduce foaminess of other products.

    Deluge Low Foam has been tested for toxicity against a variety of beneficial insects and mites and been found to be amongst the safest non-ionic wetting agent products available. Download the Product Info Sheet for details.

    Deluge Low Foam has also been tested for phytotoxicity effects in a number of sensitive crops where it has been shown to be amongst the safest of the available wetting agents and similar to the Alkyphenol ethoxylates (eg Vitiwet, Agral*).

    Product Usage

    For High Volume Horticultural applications, Deluge Low Foam should be used at 10ml/100L of spray solution and can be used with most fungicides & insecticides unless specified on their label. Herbicide applications generally require higher rates of Deluge Low Foam in the range 12 - 200ml/100L (see label for details)