SOAK-N-WET for Soil Wetting and Water Retention

Product Description

SOAK-N-WET Wetting Agent is a soil wetting and retention aid containing a non-ionic wetting adjuvant and water a retaining polymer suitable for situations including broadacre, horticulture, viticulture, orchards, turf and home garden.
Effective in maximising your water potential by helping water penetrate into soil, holding it in the root zone and resisting evaporation. SOAK-N-WET Wetting Agent will keep soil moisture around the roots of plants for longer and assist their growth. It is fast acting, long lasting, biodegradable and will reduce water run-off and wastage. Avoid direct contact with sensitive vegetation as burning may occur.

Features of SOAK-N-Wet Wetting Agent

  • Excellent wetting of all soils including hydrophobic soils
  • Provides even penetration of water into the soil profile reducing run-off
  • Increases water availability for plants by retaining water in the root-zone, reducing evaporation and leaching
  • Improves re-wetting of treated soil

    Benefits of SOAK-N-Wet Wetting Agent

  • Excellent wetting even the most hydrophobic soils
  • Retains water in the root-zone
  • Increases water availability to plants
  • Improves re-wetting of soils

    Suitable for
  • Use in broadacre, horticulture, viticulture, orchards, turf and home garden
  • In furrow at seeding application

    Typical use rate for all applications of SOAK-N-WET Wetting Agent 2 to 10L/ha diluted in 500 – 2000L/ha of water (see label for more detailed instructions for use rates and mixing).

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    SOAK-N-WET Wetting Agent is available from your nearest rural retailers throughout Australia.
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