HITMAN SOAP Insecticide

Product Description

HITMAN Soap Insecticide is an organically approved contact insecticide and wetting agent with no withholding period, posing low risk to users and the environment. Its active ingredient, potassium salts of fatty acids derived from natural oils, effectively targets soft-bodied insects and mites. Approved by the Australian Certified ‘Organic’ for organic use, it offers peace of mind for eco-conscious farmers. HITMAN Soap Insecticide is a safe and reliable choice for pest control in organic farming practices.

No withholding period and zero residue
Suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management Programs
Controls a range of soft bodied insects and mites

Usage Rates
1.5 - 3.0L per 100L water

Package Size
20L / 200L / 1000L

Crop & Environmental Effects

Fruit & Folage – Medium Risk
Beneficial Pest Management – Medium Risk

Pest Spectrum

Aphids, Thrips, Scale, Mealybug, Mites, Whitefly


Viticulture - Grape
Protected Cropping - Vegetables / Cannabis
Field Crops - Banana / Vegetables