COOLA-700 Surfactant

Product Description

COOLA-700 is an acidifying and penetrating surfactant for use with many agrichemical products.

  • Acidifying and Penetrating Surfactant
  • Helps reduce fine droplets to prevent spray drift
  • For use with Herbicides, Insecticides and Foliar Fertilizers

  • The importance of managing pH

    The acidifying nature of COOLA-700 optimises the pH of the spray water for spray applications where an acidic pH is preferred. This is particularly useful for certain insecticides which can be quickly degraded in alkaline conditions. The acidic pH can also assist the uptake of certain systemic products.

    Wetting, Spreading and Penetrating

    The lecithin and surfactants in COOLA-700 help spray droplets to

  • adhere to
  • spread across
  • penetrate into
  • the target.

    Droplet Management

    COOLA-700 will help to increase the droplet size produced from hydraulic nozzles, thus reducing the proportion of fine droplet which may be prone to drift off-target.

    Product Usage

  • For Glyphosate and Glyphosate mixes use 250 – 500mL/100L to optimise the spray water pH and assist spreading and penetration and reduce off-target damage.
  • To reduce alkaline hydrolysis of pH sensitive insecticide eg Dimethoate use 100mL/100L