EMPOWER Spray Adjuvant

Product Description

Empower™ Spray Adjuvant is a petroleum based spray adjuvant that is designed for use with agricultural products in non-cropping situations.

    100% Petroleum oil and Nonionic surfactant formulation
    Excellent performance in a wide variety of conditions
    Reduces loss of active ingredients due to evaporation both during spraying and on the target surface
    Increases spreading and penetration of the active ingredients into the target.
    Not for use in growing crops or over desirable vegetation
    High quality formulation delivers reliable performance
    Manufactured according to the quality standard ISO 9002

Empower is a petroleum oil based spray adjuvant that improvesspray performance due to its anti-evaporant and plant surface penetration

Empower’s balanced formulation of oil and surfactants enables it to mix readily with most types of products and water used for agricultural spraying.

Product Performance

Empower has been used successfully for many years by farmers to improve the performance of their agricultural spraying programmes.

The two major uses are as follows.

    1.Empower is designed to assist the performance of knockdown /non-selective herbicides in non-crop situations by acting as an anti-evaporant and by increasing the penetration of the actives through waxy leaf cuticles.
    2.When a crop has reached maturity and phytotoxicity is no longer a threat to its yield potential (eg.Cotton Defoliation),Empower can be a useful adjuvant for improving the performance ofcertain agricultural products (eg.defoilants,insecticides etc.).Under these circumstances Empower has proven itself as aneffective and economical bulking oil for ULV sprays.
    Always strictly follow the directions for use as specified product labels.

Key Points

    Increases the performance of agricultural products when used as directed on product labels
    Highly concentrated 100% formulation reduces handling and storage requirements
    Compatible with most agricultural products and types of spray water
    Manufactured according to the International Standard ISO 9002 ensuring quality,consistency and reliability.
    Soft on the environment – 100% biodegradable