VOULLAIRE'S EE-MULS-OYLE Multi-Purpose Drying Oil

Product Description

VOULLAIRE’S EE-MULS-OYLE is a Multi-Purpose Drying Oil designed to reduce fruit drying time, particularly for grapes, enhancing produce value by minimising exposure to the environment. Its active ingredients, ethyl esters, are cost-effective and efficiently increase drying rates. Formulated with a unique blend of emulsifiers, it ensures excellent emulsion stability for easy and reliable application. VOULLAIRE’S EE-MULS-OYLE offers a practical solution for accelerating fruit drying while maintaining product quality and value.

Reduces fruit drying time
Produces higher quality dried fruit
Internationally recognised manufacturing standard

Usage Rates
0.5ml - 2L per 100L water

Package Size
20L / 200L / 1000L

Viticulture - Grape